Optional Cover Guide

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Optional Cover

At Puffin we offer a range of "bolt-on" benefits/cover to meet your specific needs. By offering this as optional cover, not only do we keep the price of our standard policies low, we are also able to design the bolt-on benefits without compromise.

Winter Sports (for ski and snowboard holidays)

The Winter Sports option ensures all existing benefits are valid whilst on winter sports holidays (the medical cover would be invalid if you injured yourself skiing without this option added) . We also add several winter sports specific benefits including equipment (owned or rented) cover, ski equipment hire if your own is delayed, avalanche and piste closure compensation as below:

  • Up to £500 to repairing or replace equipment that has been damaged, lost, stolen
  • Up to £250 to hire replacement equipment in the event that yours is delayed (max £25 per 24 hours)
  • Up to £200 if you're unable to ski due to lack of snow (£20 per full day)
  • Up to £150 for additional transport and/or accommodation if you're unable to access your pre-booked resort due to avalanche (£15 per full day)

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Cruise Cover

Like Winter Sports, the Cruise Cover option ensures all existing benefits are valid on a cruise (for example, the medical and cancellation cover would be invalid on a cruise without this option added) as well as adding several cruise specific benefits including missed departure port cover, skipped port compensation and cabin confinement compensation as below:

  • Up to £500 of travel expense to reach the next overseas port if you miss your departure due to vehicle breakdown, accident or public transport delays
  • Up to £750 if ports are skipped due to adverse weather conditions or cruise timetable restrictions (£50 per port) 
  • Up to £500 if you are confined to your cabin or a state hospital due to illness during your cruise (£50 per day

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Gadget Cover

  This Option covers the costs to replace your gadgets (mobile phone, tablet etc.) if they are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. The cover levels are:

  • Up to £750 for replacements gadgets (max £500 per item).
  • Up to £50 for CDs, games etc.
  • Up to £25 for unauthorised calls on your mobile phone.


Golf Cover

The Golf Cover option adds specific covers your golf equipment plus a number of other golf related benefits:

  • Up to £1500 for the cost of equipment repair or replacement should yours get damaged, stolen or lost (max £500 per item) 
  • Up to £400 to hire golf equipment if yours is lost, stolen or delay on your outward journey (max £50 per day) 
  • Up to £400  for the loss of green fees should your pre-booked course become unplayable due to weather conditions  (max £100 per day)
  • Up to £100 for costs incurred if you achieve a hole in one


Business Cover

Business Cover option ensures that all aspects of your policy benefits are still valid if used to cover a business trip as well as adding a number of business specific benefits:

  • Up to £1000 to replace business equipment that gets damaged during your trip  (limited of £500 for personal computer).
  • Up to £500 of transport costs to replacing business samples if lost or stolen on our outward journey (max £150 per 24 hours) 
  • Up to £500 for the loss or theft of business cash during your trip
  • Up to £1500 for travel costs of a replacement employee, or for you to reschedule, in the event that you can't attend due to hospitalisation or necessary curtailment of the trip


Wedding Cover

If you're spending your wedding day abroad then you'll almost certainly be taking, and returning with, additional items that a standard policy is unlikely to have sufficient cover for. The option ensures that all the extra things you bring with you for a wedding are covered. Cover includes:

  • Up to £500 for the loss or damage to your wedding rings (max £250 per ring)
  • Up to £1500 for the loss or theft of wedding gifts (max £200 per gift)
  • Up to £500 for reprinting of lost or damaged photo/video or to re-book a photographer should the original photographer be unable to provide the photography service
  • Up to £1500 to repair or replace wedding dress/outfits should they get lost or stolen (max £300 per item)