COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information

COVID-19 FAQ - Help and support for Policies Purchased AFTER 1st August 2020

Please read your policy wording for full details of your cover.


Will I be covered for cancellation if I fall ill with COVID 19 before my travel dates?

Yes, we will provide cover if you or a close relative are unfortunate enough to contract COVID 19 before your travel dates.  This cover is provided subject to medical certification or an official test result.


Will I be covered for cancelation if I am required to self-isolate on my travel dates?

Yes, if on the dates you are scheduled to depart you or a close relative you were due to stay with, are required by UK Government to self-isolate you will be covered for cancellation.


If the FCDO advises against "all travel" to my destination, will I be covered?

If the FCDO advises against "all travel", none of the policies underwritten will provide cover if you decide to travel against this advice.  We highly recommend you check the current advise on the FCDO website for the latest travel advice before you travel.


If the FCDO changes it advice on the area I am due to travel am I covered?

No if the FCDO advise changes meaning it’s advising against ‘all travel’ due to COVID 19 or an infectious disease before your departure, this policy would no longer cover you for your travels nor cancellation of your trip.


Am I covered for the costs of my trip if I want to cancel because there are cases of coronavirus in the area I’m planning to travel?

No, the fear of a pandemic or a pandemic are not covered for cancellation in our policies. We would advise travellers who have booked package holidays to a destination affected by the viral outbreak and looking to cancel their trip or amend their travel plans to contact their travel agent or tour operator in the first instance.


Am I covered for medical claims if I fall ill with COVID 19 whilst abroad?

Yes, emergency medical treatment, repatriation and other costs are covered should you fall ill with COVID 19 are covered whilst you are abroad.


Am I covered to cut short my trip while abroad due to the local authorities imposing restrictions due to COVID 19 requiring me to return home?

Yes, your policy will cover you subject to the standard terms where it necessary to cut short your trip due to the local authorities requiring you to return home.